Your Data Science Partners on the cloud
We help you strategize, plan and build AI at half the rates
with Data Scientists on the cloud

Enterprises  have huge amount of data but are not able to adopt AI / ML for business intelligence because of :
1) Lack of Context 
2) Lack of Skill
3) Lack of Last Mile Solution

Also, hosting an in-house Data Science team is an expensive proposition 


Sciens is your Data Science Team on the Cloud. We help you strategize, plan and build AI. From conceptualization to full implementation, we free up your time to focus on core business. Simply put, we are your partners for all your Data Science needs. Importantly, our costs are 50% less of traditional Data Science team.

Value Proposition

Cost: Average pay of a data scientist is $120K - $175K per year but  through Sciens will cost only $70K

Time: Lead time to set up a data science team and context is 4-6 months but Sciens team will  finalize an action plan in 3-4 weeks, saving on average about 4 months of time

Quality: Domain expertise is an important factor for Data Science team. Sciens will assign a highly qualified data scientist with experience in Client’s business domain


How it works

Engagement Model

  • Client expresses interest

  • Initial Free consultation and recommendation

  • If interested, client has option of engaging a full data science team or part-time

  • Statement of work, Service contract, NDA drawn and finalized 

  •  Remote Data Scientists or Team matching the requirements is assigned

Data security and endpoint protection 

  • We take data security and endpoint protection very seriously 

  •  We keep the client’s data safe and meet all Data Security & Protection laws (DPP, GDPR 2018, DPA)

  • All work will be done in Virtual Machine in Cloud (or client’s sandbox) in the same geographical region as the client

  • Top endpoint protection systems will be used to keep the data secure in cloud

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